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The Bandit Trail (1941) - Tim Holt  DVD

The Bandit Trail (1941) - Tim Holt DVD


The Bandit Trail (1941) 

Cattleman Tim Holt turns outlaw, robbing the bank of the crooked financier who holds the usurious mortgage on Holt's father's ranch. The life of an outlaw quickly loses its glamour, and Holt realizes he's gone about solving his dad's problems the wrong way. He replaces the stolen money and brings the shady banker to justice by legal methods. The grateful townsfolk forget Holt's reckless misdeed and appoint the young man town marshal. Tim Holt's leading lady in Bandit Trail is radio actress Janet Waldo, later a prolific "voice-over" specialist for TV cartoons (she was the voice of Judy Jetson and Penelope Pitstop, among many others).

Starring :

Tim Holt, Ray Whitley, Janet Waldo

Director :

Edward Killy


Running time : 60 Minutes

Language : English

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