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The Beloved Bachelor (1931) - Paul Lukas  DVD

The Beloved Bachelor (1931) - Paul Lukas DVD


The Beloved Bachelor (1931) 

Michael Morda, a young sculptor living in San Francisco, is madly in love with Elinor Hunter, and they plan to be married. When Elinor becomes jealous of Julie Stressman, an old friend of Michael's and one of his models, Michael reluctantly asks Julie not to visit him at his studio. They agree to meet only at the construction site where he is working on a sculpture for which Julie is modeling. When Elinor also shows up at the site, Julie leaves so as to avoid a confrontation, but she is killed by some falling materials. Julie's dying request is that Michael adopt her daughter Mitzi, whose father died years earlier. In order to prevent Mitzi from being taken to an orphanage, Michael lies and says he is her father. Elinor hears this, and without asking questions, leaves him and marries another man the same night.

Starring :

Paul Lukas, Dorothy Jordan

Director :

Lloyd Corrigan


Running time : 74 Minutes

Language : English

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