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The Big Street (1942) - Lucille Ball  DVD

The Big Street (1942) - Lucille Ball DVD


The Big Street (1942) 

Haughty nightclub singer Gloria Lyons (Lucille Ball) doesn't have time for the little people, including Little Pinks (Henry Fonda), the busboy who adores her. Then Gloria is paralyzed when a mobster knocks her down the stairs, and those little people are the only ones who help her. This gutsy, touching melodrama was produced from one of his own stories by Damon Runyon, the Bard of Broadway whose Times Square tinhorns and tootsies would later be immortalized in Guys And Dolls. Ball and Fonda play brilliantly against type, Fonda poignant as a timid small-timer and Ball impressive as an icy vixen with an ego twice the size of her soul. Big stars, big drama, big emotion. Find them all on The Big Street.

Starring :

Lucille Ball, Henry Fonda

Director :

Iving Reis


Running time : 88 Minutes

Language : English

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