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The Bravados (1958) - Gregory Peck  DVD

The Bravados (1958) - Gregory Peck DVD


The Bravados (1958)

In this gripping, action-filled tale of the Wild West, Gregory Peck leads an all-star cast including Joan Collins, Lee Van Cleef and Henry Silva. Jim Douglas (Peck), an expert tracker and gunman, is anxious to see justice exacted upon four violent men whom he believes raped and murdered his wife. As fate would have it, the four now face execution for a bank robbery and slaying. However, they escape hours before the execution. Taking charge of the posse intent on catching them before they reach the Mexican border, Douglas tracks down the criminals one by one, until the stunning, surprise ending of this powerful film.

Starring :

Gregory Peck, Henry Silva, Lee Van Cleef, Joan Collins

Director :

Henry King


Running time : 97 Minutes

Language : English



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