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The Break (1962) - Tony Britton  DVD

The Break (1962) - Tony Britton DVD


The Break (1962) 

A dangerous prisoner, Jacko Thomas, overpowers his police guard and jumps from a speeding train in the Dartmoor countryside. In the ensuing fight Jacko kills the guard and makes his way to a secluded hotel on the moors where Tredgar is being paid to arrange a safe transit for Jacko and his sister Jean. But Jean as no idea of Jacko’s murderous character, and when an ex-policeman and a famous novelist book into the isolated hotel, the scene is set for a series of murders and a shocking climax.

Starring :

Tony Britton, William Lucas, William Lucas, Robert Urquhart, Sonia Dresdel

Director :

Lance Comfort


Running time : 73 Minutes

Language : English


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