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The Clown (1953) - Red Skelton  DVD

The Clown (1953) - Red Skelton DVD


The Clown (1953) 

Once a famous Ziegfeld star, Dodo Delwyn, is reduced to playing clowns in burlesque and amusement parks as a result of his drinking. His son Little Dink idolizes Dodo and faithfully believes in a comeback. He persuades "Uncle" Goldie, Dodo's agent in the good old days, to find a booking for Dodo. He can't, and Dink is sent to live with his remarried-and-wealthy mother, Paula. The unhappy Dink runs back to his father. His welcome return gives Dodo the courage needed to try a knockabout TV show offered by Goldie.

Starring :

Red Skelton, Jane Greer

Director :

Robert Z. Leonard


Running time : 91 Minutes

Language : English

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