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The Fighting Kentuckian (1949) - John Wayne DVD


The Fighting Kentuckian (1949) 

Region code 1 (USA)

John Wayne sets the wild "frontier" ablaze in this thrilling romantic adventure! Leading a regiment of Kentucky's riflemen, Wayne passes through a settlement of depatriated French families, all wealthy refugees of war from Napoleon's court. When there, Wayne's heart is captured by the French general's daughter. But a rich and powerful rival, Blake Randolph, also has his heart set on her. As the two suitors lock horns, Wayne discovers his rival has a nefarious scheme up his sleeve, and soon the courtship battle escalates into a full-scale war. It's "The Duke" at his best as the fighting Kentuckian battles for his love and the land of the free!

Starring :

John Wayne, Oliver Hardy, Vera Ralston

Director :

George Waggner


Running time : 100 Minutes

Language : English

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