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The Gambler (1980) - Kenny Rogers  DVD

The Gambler (1980) - Kenny Rogers DVD


The Gambler (1980) 

Based on Kenny Rogers' Grammy® Award-winning hit song, The Gambler inspired the longest-running miniseries in television network history!

Brady Hawkes (Kenny Rogers) is a high-rolling frontier gambler who has been summoned to Yuma, California to rescue the son he never knew. Along the way, Brady befriends Billy Montana (Bruce Boxleitner), a young Easterner who fancies himself a professional poker player. Brady teaches Billy a few lessons - about cards and also about life - and the two men end up forming a strong team.

Onboard a train to Yuman, the duo comes to the aid of Jennie Reed (Lee Purcell), a lady with a questionable past who is being pursued by the unprincipled railroad baron Arthur Stobridge (Harold Gould). While trying to reach their individual goals, Brady and Billy find themselves playing high-stakes poker with Stobridge and slugging it out with tough outlaws in a barroom standoff.

Starring :

Kenny Rogers, Bruce Boxleitner, Clu Gulager

Director :

Dick Lowry


Running time : 96 Minutes

Language : English




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