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The Hunger (1983) - David Bowie  DVD

The Hunger (1983) - David Bowie DVD


The Hunger (1983)

Miriam Blaylock collects Renaissance art, ancient Egyptian pendants, lovers, souls. Alive and fashionably chic in Manhattan, Miriam is an ageless vampire. "Vampire" is not a word you'll hear in this movie based on the novel by Whitley Strieber (Wolfen). Instead, debuting feature director Tony Scott stakes out a hip, sensual, modern-gothic makeover. Catherine Deneuve radiates macabre elegance as Miriam, bless with beauty, cursed with bloodlust. David Bowie is fellow fiend and refined husband John. In love, in life, in longing they are inseparable. But when John abruptly begins to age and turns to a geriatrics researcher (Susan Sarandon) for help, Miriam soon eyes the woman as a replacement for John. The Hunger is insatiable.

Starring :

David Bowie, Susan Sarandon, Catherine Deneuve

Director :

Tony Scott


Running time : 96 Minutes

Language : English



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