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The Other Woman (1954) - Cleo Moore  DVD

The Other Woman (1954) - Cleo Moore DVD


The Other Woman (1954) 

Bit player Sherry Stewart gets miffed when director Walter Darman turns her down after she reads for a small part in his picture. She and her boy friend, Ronnie, devise a plan to lure Darman to her apartment, where she gives him a drugged drink. She tells Darman they had been intimate and blackmails him for $50,000. More than a little distracted by his situation, his wife senses something is wrong and he gets into a violent argument with his father-in-law who owns the producing company Darman works for, and discontinues the picture. Sherry informs Darman she is going to tell his wife all about them. Darman tells his secretary that he is going to work late and is not to be disturbed, sets the moviola runnings, and exits by the back door and hot-foots it to Sherry's apartment.

Starring :

Cleo Moore, Hugo Haas, Lance Fuller

Director :

Hugo Haas


Running time : 81 Minutes

Language : English

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