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The Repenter (1985) - Franco Nero  UNCUT  DVD

The Repenter (1985) - Franco Nero UNCUT DVD


The Repenter (1985)

A good film directed by Squitieri. In my opinion it is one of the best in the context of Italian crime films. In particular it has a good screenplay and less violence and action than the previous films. It is played by important Italian and American actors like Tony Musante (who is well known in Italy for his role in "l'uccello dalle piume di cristallo"), Franco Nero, a famous international actor and a certain number of supporting role actors like Ivo Garrani in the role of old "mafioso", Luigi Montini, Venantino Venantini who play the members of "family" and not very known actors like O. Dell'Acqua, A. Freeman, B. DiLuia, T. Palladino actually employed as stuntman in the 70s Italian crime films. This film is one of the few in which police and "carabinieri" collaborate.

Starring :

Franco Nero, Tony Musante, Erik Estrada, Max von Sydow, Rita Cecchi Gori, Marino Masé, Ivo Garrani, Imma Piro, Philippe Lemaire, Giuseppe Mannajuolo, Luigi Montini, Marina Berti 

Director :

Pasquale Squitieri 


Running time : 115 minutes

Language : German, Italian


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