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The Silent Scream (1980) - Barbara Steele  DVD

The Silent Scream (1980) - Barbara Steele DVD


The Silent Scream (1980)

What is the deadly secret haunting the Engel's family? Young co-ed Scotty (Rebecca Balding - The Boogens) is unable to find housing on the campus. She finds a vacancy at the Engels' mansion, now a boarding house for college students. Mrs. Engels (Yvonne De Carlo, TV's The Munsters) and her son seem nice enough, but it becomes clear to Scotty that something is not right at her new residence. When her fellow borders begin dying, two detectives (Cameron Mitchell - Toolbox Murders and comedian Avery Schreiber, in a serious role) must solve the mystery of the Engels' boarding house before the body count rises.

Starring :

Barbara Steele, Cameron Mitchell, Rebecca Balding

Director :

Denny Harris


Running time : 87 Minutes

Language : English

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