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The Stalking Moon (1968) - Gregory Peck  DVD

The Stalking Moon (1968) - Gregory Peck DVD


The Stalking Moon (1968) 

Veteran Army scout Sam Varner (Gregory Peck) agrees to escort a former Apache captive (Eva Marie Saint) and her half-Indian son to safety across a sprawling Southwest of desert wastelands and imposing mountains. But shadowing their path is a renegade killer dead set on getting the boy back.

Peck powerfully reunites with his To Kill A Mockingbird producer Alan J. Pakula and director Robert Mulligan for a suspenseful tale with the direct leanness and hypnotic landscape of classic Westerns. Events tighten around Varner, his charges and his best friend (Robert Forster) like a noose. The siege is relentless. The terror grows. And the stage is set for a final, violent showdown between hunter and hunted.

Starring :

Gregory Peck, Eva Marie Saint

Director :

Robert Mulligan


Running time : 109 Minutes

Language : English



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