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The Third Secret (1964) - Richard Attenborough  DVD

The Third Secret (1964) - Richard Attenborough DVD

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The Third Secret (1964)

Stephen Boyd and Richard Attenborough lead a terrific cast in this thrilling absorbing mystery "done with taste, intelligence and imagination" (The Hollywood Reporter). "Brooding, haunting" (Film Daily) and "richly endowed with an aura of eerie imminence" (Variety), The Third Secret is so shocking, it delivers "enough tension for even the most jaded thriller addict" (Films and Filming)!

When an eminent psychoanalyst is discovered dead in his office, the tragedy is ruled a suicide. But the man's fourteen year old daughter knows better, and she's going to prove it was murder. Enlisting the aid of a former patient and TV commentator (Boyd), the girl digs deep into the last days of her father's life, looking for the key to unlock the puzzle of his death. But some secrets should never be discovered, and as the pair moves in on the truth, what they find will be even more shocking than they expect!

Starring :

Stephen Boyd, Richard Attenborough, Pamela Franklin

Director :

Charles Crichton


Running time : 103 Minutes

Language : English


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