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The Train (1964) - Burt Lancaster  DVD

The Train (1964) - Burt Lancaster DVD


The Train (1964)

Paris, August 1944. With the Allied army closing in German commander and art fanatic Colonel Von Waldheim steals a vast collection of rare French paintings and loads them onto a train bound for Berlin. But when a beloved French patriot is murdered while trying to sabotage Von Waldheim's scheme, Labiche, a stalwart member of the Resistance, vows to stop the train at any cost. Calling upon his vast arsenal of skills, Labiche unleashes a torrent of devastation and destruction - loosened rails, shattered tracks and head-on collisions - in an impassioned, suspense-filled quest for justice, retribution and revenge.

Starring :

Burt Lancaster, Paul Scofield, Jeanne Moreau

Director :

John Frankenheimer


Running time : 133 Minutes

Language : English

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