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The Way West (1967) - Richard Widmark  DVD

The Way West (1967) - Richard Widmark DVD


The Way West (1967)

This sumptuous epic chronicles the legendary tale of the brave men and women who left the comfort and safety of life in the East for the promise of free land and a better life in the untamed West.

The year is 1843 and Senator William Tadlock (Kirk Douglas) has the vision and foresight to dream of an empire beyond the Rockies. Joining his wagon train as it rolls out of Independence, Missouri, are others who share his idealism: a dirt farmer (Richard Widmark), his wife (Lola Albright) and a tough, embittered scout (Robert Mitchum).

Little can they know of the ordeal ahead as they load up their wagons and head for the Oregon territory. Dangerous rivers, burning prairies, marauding Indians and herds of stampeding buffalo are some of the unseen dangers that await these brave pioneers. It will take courage, determination and faith to carry them to the end of this arduous journey.

Outstanding performances by some of Hollywood's most beloved stars, exciting action scenes, and a compelling story make The Way West an unforgettable experience.

Starring :

Richard Widmark, Kirk Douglas, Robert Mitchum, Lola Albright

Director :

Andrew V. McLaglen


Running time : 122 Minutes

Language : English



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