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Town Tamer (1965) - Dana Andrews DVD


Town Tamer (1965) 

The life of Tom Rosser, a town-taming gunman-for-hire, takes a turn when a bullet meant for him, from the gun of a renegade, Lee Ring, kill's Rosser's wife, Carol, instead. Ring, had been sent by the ruthless Kansas gang-leader, Riley Condor, to kill Rosser. The latter goes to White Plains, supposedly to look over property to but his agenda is to kill Condor. Word gets around that Rosser is in town and Condor realizes that his gunslinging henchmen, Horsinger, Tavenner, Slim Akins, Flon and Ring, are no match for Rosser, and he sets in motion a plan that will use the law to eliminate Rosser.

Starring :

Dana Andrews, DeForest Kelley, Bruce Cabot, Lon Chaney jr.

Director :

Lesley Selander


Running time : 89 Minutes

Language : English


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