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Two Flags West (1950) - Joseph Cotten  DVD

Two Flags West (1950) - Joseph Cotten DVD


Two Flags West (1950)

During the Civil War, in 1863,Confederate prisoners of war agree to join forces with the Union Army in the common fight against Indians.In return,the Confederate POWs are promised their freedom by President Lincoln during his Special Proclamation.A company of Confederate Georgia cavalry POWs,under the command of Confederate Colonel Clay Tucker, joins the Union on the sole condition they wouldn't have to fight against the Confederacy.The company is sent to the isolated and undermanned Fort Thorn, New Mexico, on the Western frontier. The fort is commanded by Union major Henry Kenniston who is limping from an old war wound and who hates Confederates.The old animosities between Unionists and Confederates quickly resurface during their fragile alliance against the Indians

Starring :

Joseph Cotten, Jeff Chandler, Linda Darnell

Director :

Robert Wise


Running time : 92 Minutes

Language : English



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