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Vampire Lovers / Lust For A Vampire (1970) - Peter Cushing  2 DVD Set

Vampire Lovers / Lust For A Vampire (1970) - Peter Cushing 2 DVD Set


Vampire Lovers / Lust For A Vampire (1970)

Region code 2 (Europe)

In LUST FOR A VAMPIRE, Swedish stunner Yutte Stensgaard stars as the reincarnation of the notorious female vampire Carmilla Karnstein. A follow up to THE VAMPIRE LOVERS, which, like this film, is based on the writings of Sheridan le Fanu. Here, le Fanu's famed vampiress takes the form of Mircalla, a stunning young finishing school student at an all girls' school. Mircalla satisfies her lust for blood by preying on her classmates, all of whom are drawn to her stunning looks. However, Mircalla's sensuality also attracts the attentions of Lestrange, a teacher at the school with whom she falls in love. An entertainingly tawdry Hammer vampire movie, LUST FOR A VAMPIRE is most notable for Ms. Stensgaard's sultry star turn.
In THE VAMPIRE LOVERS, the very life force of a young woman is slowly drained from her each time she makes love to her lesbian lover. Her angry father is understandably upset at her choice of a vampire for a sexual partner. The incomparable Pitt is in fine form in this erotically charged 1970 effort from England's Hammer House of Horror!

Starring :

Suzanna Leigh, Dawn Addams, Ralph Bates, Dawn Addams, Ingrid Pitt, Peter Cushing, Madeline Smith, Yutte Stensgaard

Director :

Roy Ward Baker / Jimmy Sangster


Running time : 179 Minutes

Language : Dolby Digital Mono 2.0

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