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Venom (1981) - Oliver Reed  DVD

Venom (1981) - Oliver Reed DVD


Venom (1981)

It was supposed to be the perfect crime: the sexy maid (Susan George of Straw Dogs), a psychotic chauffer (Oliver Reed of Revolver) and an international terrorist (the legendary Klaus Kinski) kidnap a wealthy ten-year-old boy from his elegant London townhouse. but they didn't count on a murdered cop, a desperate hostage siege and one very unexpected houseguest: a furious Black Mamba, the most lethal and aggressive snake known to nature. It can attack from ten feet away. It's bite brings excruciating death, and it is on the loose. Now, terror knows no antidote... and the ultimate in slithering mayhem is Venom.

Sterling Hayden (The Killing), Nicol Williamson (Excalibur) and Sarah Miles (Blowup) co-star in this gripping suspense thriller directed by Piers Haggard (Blood On Satan's Claw) and featuring some very real - and extremely deadly - Black Mambas!

Starring :

Oliver Reed, Klaus Kinski, Susan George

Director :

Piers Haggard


Running time : 92 Minutes

Language : English

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