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Warlock (1959) - Richard Widmark  DVD

Warlock (1959) - Richard Widmark DVD


Warlock (1959)

Warlock is a small frontier mining community with a big problem - the vicious outlaw gang that's terrorizing its citizens. Seeking protection, the townspeople hire a low-key killer (Henry Fonda) who sports fancy clothes and two gold-handled Colts. His sidekick (Anthony Quinn) is a crippled gambler with a lust for violence. The two clean up the town in short order, but the appearance of a reformed bandit who now supports the law (Richard Widmark) ultimately leads to tense confrontation seething with jealousy and vengeance. Powered by a top-notch script, Warlock is an intelligent western about frightened people rediscovering courage they'd forgotten they had.

Starring :

Richard Widmark, Henry Fonda, Anthony Quinn

Director :

Edward Dmytryk


Running time : 121 Minutes

Language : English

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