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We Were Strangers (1949) - John Garfield  DVD

We Were Strangers (1949) - John Garfield DVD


We Were Strangers (1949) 

It's been seven long years since his people last tasted freedom. So when Cuban-born expatriate Tony Fenner (John Garfield) finally returns to Havana, he joins the Organization, a small band of revolutionaries dedicated to ending the tyrannical rule of President Gerardo Machado. Aided by fellow rebel China Valdes (Jennifer Jones), Fenner proceeds with his audacious master plan: to execute the head of the senate and then assassinate all of Cuba's leaders at his well-attended state funeral. And so, as the secret police race to stop them, Fenner and Valdes tunnel beneath the cemetery, where they intend to detonate a bomb so powerful, it will wipe out Machado's entire government with one blow. One of director John Huston's most controversial and rarely screened films, We Were Strangers is an explosively intense, action-suspense thriller.

Starring :

John Garfield, Jennifer Jones, Pedro Armendariz

Director :

John Huston


Running time : 106 Minutes

Language : English




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