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Westward Ho (1935) - John Wayne  DVD

Westward Ho (1935) - John Wayne DVD


Westward Ho (1935) 

The first film released by Republic Pictures stars John Wayne as a two-fisted pistol-packing cowboy who vows to avenge the death of his parent at the hands of cattle rustlers. A legend was born as America discovered a new star unlike anyone had seen before or since. While searching for the brother he has been separated from since childhood, he fights to bring law and order to the Wild West as he leads a band of vigilantes bent on rounding up gangs of outlaws. The great cast includes Jim Farley as a cattle baron, Sheila Bromley as his daughter, Jack Curtis as Ballard, the outlaw leader and Frank McGlynn, Jr. as Wayne's younger brother, now one of Ballard's top guns. Robert N. Bradbury (The Star Packer) directed this action-packed western pitting brother vs. brother and good vs. evil.

Starring :

John Wayne, Jack Curtis, Yakima Canutt

Director :

Robert Bradbury


Running time : 61 Minutes

Language : English

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