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Women Without Names (1950) - Simone Simon  DVD

Women Without Names (1950) - Simone Simon DVD


Women Without Names (1950) 

This is the sad story of several desperate ladies incarcerated somewhere in Italy in a camp for displaced women after the end of World War II. Among them, Anna, a Yugoslav, who has seen her husband killed in Trieste by political enemies. She is pregnant and her one and only aim right now is her baby to be born. Janka, a beautiful Polish girl who has lost her mind, is reunited with the physician who sent her to a brothel for Nazi officers. As for Yvonne, a light-hearted French woman, she is prepared to do anything to leave the place, including to marry out with an Albanese ice cream man, despite his unappetizing looks. At least,she will stop being a woman without a name. 

Starring :

Simone Simon, Vivi Gloi, Gino Cervi

Director :

Geza von Radvanyi


Running time : 93 Minutes

Language : Italian

Subtitles : English

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