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Young Billy Young (1969) - Robert Mitchum  DVD

Young Billy Young (1969) - Robert Mitchum DVD


Young Billy Young (1969) 

A dynamic round-up of stars including Robert Mitchum, Angie Dickinson and Kung Fu legend David Carradine provides enormous talent in this hard-riding, rugged gunslinging adventure that's one of the boldest and most fascinating tales of outcasts, outlaws and lawmen ever filmed.

Mitchum is an aging but tough-as-nails lawman who meets up with Young Billy Young (Robert Walker), a fast-draw outlaw on the run after a deadly robbery. Discovering that they have a common enemy, the two men join . But it's a partnership that explodes like a keg of TNT when the lawmen discovers a secret that initiates a barroom brawl... and ends in a six-gun shoot-out that practically rips two towns apart!

Starring :

Robert Mitchum, Angie Dickinson, David Carradine

Director :

Burt Kennedy


Running time : 89 Minutes

Language : English


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